Chris Bell Sculptor


Chris Bell was born and brought up in the North of England. During his time studying at Manchester Collage of Art and Design he found that what he enjoyed most was extramural time in the sculpture studio. After a long and varied working career he moved to rural France in 2010, and it was only then that he found the time and space to continue his love of sculpture in the form of stone carving.


Chris is largely self-taught and his early work was figurative, but he gradually refined and simplified his forms with emphasis on the female figure. His approach to the piece is intuitive, often depending on the properties of the stone he is carving, though he does sometimes sketch or make a clay maquette beforehand.

His passion for travel has led him to work in various countries, using local stone. He gains inspiration from the various communities and cultures with whom he comes into contact. His home is in Voisey, France.


Last winter Chris started using clay for the first time as a medium for his work.       This work developed in to his castleman series of ceramic heads which are smoke fired and waxed.    


In 2015 Chris discovered arc-welding and has started making new creatures from found scrap metal. These pieces are more whimsical and through them he is able to express another part of himself. 

Relevant Education and work:

Manchester College of Art and Design, UK 1967 - 1970

Founder of an Arts Center, Chester, UK 1975 - 1979

Art and Photo Gallery owner, Brighton, UK. 1982- 1984

Print and Framing Company 1988- 1991

Design and publishing studio 1991 - 1999

Stone Carver 2010 to present

Chris has had exhibitions in England, France and India